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It was a lazy summer evening with a fantastic glass of red wine and a tomahawk steak on the grill when Andreas Trinkwalder and Jan Delfs decided to create their own luxury sunglasses. It should become something unique. A pair of glasses that stands out. Made from the highest quality materials. A jewel that flatters every face. It followed numerous prototypes to the first glasses of real gold, equipped with fiery diamonds. Today, both are proud of their first collection, which carries this idea with the YOONEEC brand ...

Frequently asked Questions

Where can I purchase YOONEEC glasses?

You can obtain our products at selected jewellers and opticians. Please get in touch with us using our contact form, we will be delighted to produce your personal model.

Which custom-made options do I have?

We offer three different lens sizes:
S - recommended for thin faces
M - standard for male / female
L - a bit more than standard
Lenses are available in smoke, brown, green, some with gold or silver coating.
Frames and components are made of 18K gold (yellow, white, rose or red) or platinum (953/800).
According to your individual desire, we can apply various jewels on temples and frame.
In addition to white diamonds, we offer a wide range of fancy diamonds, sapphires and tsavorites.
We provide various sorts of cuts, clarity grades (as of VS1/VSI) and colours (white diamonds as of G / TW "Top Wesselton“).

Where are the Yooneec sunglasses manufactured?

We manufacture our frames in Germany.

Where does YOONEEC source the precious metals and jewels?

It's not only the quality, but also the origin of our gold that plays a pivotal role.
This is why we only source our gold alloys from certified refineries that have signed up to the Responsible Gold Guidance.
Responsible Gold Guidance is a guide to responsible international gold trading set out by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).
The gold we use comes from a verifiable, transparent and responsible supply chain,
as well as precisely documented secondary sources such as recycled jewellery or industrial waste etc.
This means we can guarantee that no human rights (e.g. child labour) are violated or criminal activities supported (e.g. money laundering, tax evasion etc.)
when we obtain our gold. In this way, we have made a commitment to the social responsibilities of the precious metals industry.
Our gold jewellery should not only look pristine, but also be pure and ethical in every respect.
The diamonds have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflicts and in compliance with United Nations resolutions.
The seller hereby guarantees that these diamonds are conflict free.

Which UV protection do Yooneec sunglasses have?

All glasses have UV400 protection.

What does light transmission class mean?

There are three standards worldwide for sunglasses: the Australian, European and US American standards.
We use the European one:

EU Standard Light transmittance Light absorption Description
0 80–100% 0-20% colourless or very light tinting
1 43-80 % 20-57% light tinting
2 18-43 % 57-82% medium tinting
3 8-18 % 82-92% dark tinting
4* 3-8 % 92-97% very dark tinting
Not covered by the standard up to 3% 97–100% extremely dark glacier glasses

*Light Transmission Class 4 is not for use when driving.

What is anti-reflective coating?

Anti-reflective coating is a special type of multi-layer coating applied to the lens surface to help reduce glare caused by light reflecting of the backside of your lens and directly into your eyes. This reduction in glare can help increase visual acuity and reduce eye fatigue.

What is hydrophobic coating?

Hydrophobic coating is a treatment that helps facilitate run-off of water droplets from the lens surface and also helps repel oil and fingerprints. This helps to reduce the visual distortion that can occur around water or in the rain.

Who do I contact for customer service?

Please get in touch with the dealer you bought your glasses from. You can also use our contact form.

Does YOONEEC plan to offer more designs and styles?

Yes, of course and we are looking forward to it. Please sign up to our newsletter to keep updated.

How do I stay up to date with YOONEEC news and offers?

Please sign up to our newsletter to keep updated.