Our eyewear is for all those who value rarity and extravagance in its most authentic form.
We kindly invite you to step into the world of YOONEEC and learn more about our passion.

Our Products

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What we love

We love exceptional, precise design. Eyewear is our passion and we’ve taken it to the peak of excellence with our YOONEEC glasses – uncompromising design and sophistication down to the smallest detail. We love beauty and luxury.
We love to be YOONEEC.

What we think

Perfection is our starting point. In our unique design. In our selection of the very best materials. In our precision manufacturing. We want class across the board. We are also conscious of our responsibilities. We only acquire our gold and gemstones from certified sources. Perfectionist thinking has no limits.

What we do

Our eyewear frames are exclusively made in Germany by the finest goldsmiths. We only use the very best materials like gold and platinum. We can add high-quality gemstones and custom engraving to your model should you desire. All glasses are made to order
and distributed via selected channels.
We chase perfection.

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